Before we get into the advantages of Shared Hosting, let us know what exactly Shared Hosting is so that you can get an idea of whether it is useful to what you are planning or not.


What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting is the allotment of One physical Server by a Hosting Provider to multiple Users where all the resources which are available with the particular Server are given to all these users. As we all know that Each Server has a limited amount of Space on it and that means that if this Space is shared by multiple users, then each user will be having Limits on all the aspects related to hosting like the amount of Disk space available, number of FTP accounts, Database space, monthly traffic limitations etc.

So as you now know what exactly Shared Hosting is all about let us talk about the advantages of having Shared Hosting. This will surely help you while choosing best shared hosting for your website.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting:


This is one main factor involved in Web Hosting and for users who are starting their business or starting their first blog or website will not be in a position to spend big so Shared Hosting is the perfect solution as it is very cheap compared to other Hosting plans like Semi-dedicated or Dedicated servers. The pricing of Shared Web Hosting is low because the Hosting provider is making parts of the Server and selling it to various customers. The number of users preferring Shared hosting is huge compared to users going for semi-dedicated or Dedicated servers and as the demand is more the price is less making it the biggest advantage for the users.

Coding and Html Skills are not required:

If you have ever seen a User handling a Dedicated Server you will know how difficult it will be to manage a Server as we need to keep track of many things and as the server is dedicated only to us and the interface is mainly Linux which we should be perfect in. That is not the case in Shared Hosting as there are multiple users who are given the Server so the main functionality like technical maintenance of the server is handled by the Hosting Provider and you do not need to worry about it much and if there is any problem simply use the Live Chat or Ticketing option to solve the problem.

Simple Control Panel:

The Control Panel of the Hosting account is very simple in regard to Shared Hosting. The Customer Service and technicians of the Hosting Provider will be managing all the technical aspect of the Setting up of your website. Once you have taken your domain name then next step will be the linking of the domain name to your Name Servers and then the set up of any WordPress or Blogger or any other platform to run your website which wither can be done by you if you are aware of the procedure or the Customer support in Shared Hosting will be doing it all for you. After he set up to manage your website Control Panel is the main tool to help you to customize or upload new images, files or check the Disk Storage status, Bandwidth allocation and statistics of the website like number of visitors etc.

You can have Multiple sharing accounts:

Because of the low pricing you can have multiple shared hosting account depending on the location and targeting of your website, a traffic will load faster for a user who is near the Hosting Server in case you are targeting users in UK then having a server from UK will be more useful than having a server in USA. So if you are using Shared Hosting you can take multiple accounts based on the location of servers and the area which your website is targeting making it very helpful for you.

Time Saving:

Shared web Hosting is a big time saver as in case of Dedicated hosting you will personally be responsible of taking care of the Server by conducting Server Maintenance and looking into the allotment of space and bandwidth to each website which you are hosting and in case the website crosses the limit you will have to raise the limit and do many other things, all of which will be done by the hosting provider in case of Shared web hosting. So indirectly this means saving a lot of time and using that time in improving your website or blog.

Bandwidth and Storage space provided:

In case of Shared web hosting we will be get a lot of Bandwidth Space and Storage space compared to the Dedicated server at 1/10th of the price we are paying there. This is really helpful to provide sufficient Storage space and bandwidth for your website which is running well. This will help us be tension free about adding more plugin’s, images, videos and files to your Website without having the constant tension in your head about exhausting all your Space.

On the whole Shared Web Hosting is the most used type of hosting by websites around the world and to all types of blogs, Website etc. There are many Hosting providers which are providing competitive rates and the users are the ones benefiting because of the high competition among the Hosting Providers.