Unique IP address and shared IP address, what is the basic difference between these both? But before classifying the types of IP addresses, we must clear up a brief meaning about what basically an IP address is. It is particularly a representation which is presented in a numerical manner about a website’s address. When users type in with some domain name, the PC automatically access through the special server which mainly helps in detecting the IP address which is attached to that particular domain name. Now, you might think about that why these domain names are being created? So, the answer to this simple question is that because domain names are easier to remember but on the other hand, the computers work on significantly cold as well as hard numbers. Basically, when a user type in any domain name that name is directly and automatically translates into a numeric representation which is particularly known as an IP address.


Is it good to host website on shared IP address?

The websites which are available can be easily found via typing an IP address also which will directly direct the user to the particular website. The difference between the unique IP address and shared IP address is not always the ratio i.e. one domain=one IP address. This is just because of the reason that IP addresses can be easily shared among varied number of websites which are significantly hosted on one same server. IP address basically refers to a server which has its own “address book” which helps in directing the visitor visiting the site to a particular site. Each and every domain name which is particularly a home to a basic website always has one IP address assigned to it. The basic real address of a website is an IP address and domain names are particularly developed because remembering an IP address is not an easy task. People usually have an issue about choosing between unique IP address and shared IP address. You can use Bluehost discount coupons while purchasing web hosting.

Unique IP addresses are also known as the dedicated IP addresses which particularly means that one single IP address is being assigned as well as reserved for a particular site. Furthermore, unique IP addresses are significantly essential for e-commerce sites because these sites wishes to have accounts associated with the merchants where in they easily accept the credit cards. The sites which are associated with the same usually require an SSL certificate which significantly requires a unique IP address. Having a unique IP address will help in using the SSL encryption on the same particular unique IP address as this will help in encrypting the transmission of the sensitive data in order to prevent it from the information interception. This SSL encryption can only be used on sites having unique IP addresses.

Performance of website on Unique IP Address

Shared IP addresses are very common and in general terms, these IP addresses don’t really affect any small and fresh sites. There is one possible downside of shared IP address is that hosting associated with the same might have one person involved with some oblique activities which include scamming or spamming which further can easily ban or blacklist that particular IP address. For instance, in case of some countries like China where in any user using a shared IP address publishes a content on the server which significantly blocks a site will further block all the sites associated with the same shared IP address in that country. Shared IP addresses are basically those IP addresses which have same IP address for every domain available on a particular server. Having a dedicated or unique IP address will help in referring the website as separate. This will simply help in saving the website from blocking in case of blocked shared IP address.

Many site owners easily differentiate and choose the best from between unique IP address and shared IP address. The basic difference between the both is quite simple and we hope that our readers are now aware about the difference between unique IP address and shared IP address. If you have any more questions related to it please don’t feel hesitate to ask. Leave your queries in the comment section below and we will help you shortly.