Do you love tasting variety of food? Then you might love to travel all along the city and visiting various restaurants to have food. Isn’t it? Lovely and delicious is what you mesmerize most of the time when you are running out of time to satisfy your hunger. In order to earn daily bread, on weekdays most of the people tend to skip either their lunch or dinner. The stress doesn’t allow them to consume food in order to oil their brains. They forget the concept that consuming food keeps their brain working and avoids it from being exhausted. Why do people do so? It’s not just stress but also laziness. Laziness to cook food early in the morning or after reaching home doesn’t allow their body to rest. After returning home all they see is bed to hop in and sleep off.

The stress makes them sleep so much that they fail to wake up in the morning. It’s also a fact that eating food can be a great stress buster for one. So why not burst this stress out ordering some food? Say, you reach home and by the time you freshen up, the food is right there for you without calling someone. Eh? How is that possible? It is possible only because of the genius minds that have developed online food ordering system for us. We busy people don’t focus on our health so they have to look after our health. For them we are the family and want to keep their family intact.

There are just few steps which you need to follow in order to free yourself cooking either in the morning or in the evening or both the times. Let your money be spent at the right place for right reason and right people. Daily restaurant food might give an invitation to the doctors’ prescriptions. So there are also various other homemade food services available. You just need to feed your timetable once on the application and then fix one homemade food service. It will be thereby booked for you and as per your requirements and the food will be delivered to as per your convenient provided schedule.


The very first mobile food ordering system in India was established in Mumbai in the year of 2014 by HarshVardhanMandad and his clan of IIT alumni. They named it as TinyOwl but the idea is nowhere close to being tiny but it is huge as this entire country. The team being established in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Ahmadabad have received amazing response from the customers and tinyowl is now receiving more than 2000 orders on daily basis. The team being in one of the plush area Powai of Mumbai started up visiting the restaurants in their nearby areas. Once they got a hold of impressing them, they marketed their idea in a way which attracted the other restaurants to approach them. It is practically not possible to go to the individual restaurants across the city and convince them. This same technique was applicable for the other cities in the country and that is how they captured few places. Their main aim of connecting to people with the food as the medium was established by the convincing response received by the customers. They wanted to maintain the same and thus kept on improving with better offers and discounts.

Your overlook:

“It was simply an amazing experience to be a user of tinyowl. I never used to eat anything at the right time but tinyowl made me look after my health on time. I am a freelancer and work from home and apart from that I stay alone. So it is difficult for me to start working on time and cooking food. Being a male, I don’t know much about cooking and I am bored eating the same food made by me. So while I was in hunt of some homemade food services, my friend asked me to download this application. I installed the same and immediately added the details of my schedule of lunch and dinner as well. I found out the prices and booked one of the services mentioned right there. The delivery boy came the very next day and as I had selected the cash on delivery payment, I could pay them on daily basis. They could earn their daily bread and I could enjoy having the amazing food. Thank you tinyowl!”