London is a great city. It is big and vibrant, and it has a huge array of things to do, which means you will never be bored. But, living in London isn’t all fun and giggles because life is a lot harder than you might imagine. For starters, it is a foreign city that you are not used to. Then, you have to think about the size of the city – it’s massive – as well as the safety aspect. And, last but not least, you have to consider the price of living. Thankfully, there is an app for all of the above!


CityMapper, as the name suggests, is a helpful tool for getting in and around London. All you have to do is set your current and final location, and it will come up with the best way to reach your destination. It also gives you live timings, so you know when the tube or the bus arrives and what time they reach the end of the line. Plus, it gives you the overall time of your journey too. If all that isn’t enough, there is a map. CityMapper is the essential app for any non-local trying to get from A to B.


Black cabs are not cheap. It is true that the drivers have �the knowledge’ and know their way around the whole of London. Still, that doesn’t mean much to you if you can’t afford the taxi in the first place. Luckily, there is an alternative. Uber, as you might know, is a taxi service that charges half the price of black cabs for the same service. Okay, they might use sat navs, but does that matter if it gets you to your destination? Of course not, but what does matter is the price. With the app, you can even check the price before you book.

The Tube App

As the name suggests, this app deals with everything Tube related. You might not see the need for it with CityMapper, but this is industry specific. The app allows you to set your three favorite lines and check their statuses. Then, you never have to roll up to the underground and find that they are delayed or not running. You can also check the statuses of any line on the underground. If you use the tube, this is the perfect app.


City living wouldn’t be complete without some fine dining. And, in London, there is a host of restaurants at your beck and call. But, which one do you pick? You don’t have to worry about anymore with this app. It shows you, in thorough detail, which restaurants in your area are worth visiting. It also shows you which restaurants in London are worth a try. And, you don’t have to try your luck because you can book through the app.

London Pub Crawl

You can probably guess what this app is about! There is no point in living in London without sampling the nightlife. If you don’t know where to begin, you can check more than one hundred of the best inns in the Big Smoke.

With these apps, life in London won’t get any better.