The telecommunication industry has become vital for the existence of the modern day human being and it has become the fastest evolving industry of the world. Despite this rapid developments of technology in the industry call drops and slow internet still prevails. Researchers and telecommunication engineers developed the mobile signal booster system as a solution for the issue. A mobile signal booster system which is also known as a mobile signal amplifier or a cell phone repeater which captures frail mobile signals, amplifies them and transmits them to a selected area. This device is convenient as it is portable and affordable and hence can be easily implemented in homes, small offices or vehicles. MyAmplifiers is a store that has high quality mobile signal amplifiers systems.

What causes call drops and slows internet connections?

Mobile phone signals propagate through line of sight as they are high frequency electromagnetic waves. Contrasting to low frequency radio waves mobile phone signals cannot penetrate obstacles. This remains a major disadvantage for strong transmission. However other key aspects such as distance from the transmitter tower to the receiving mobile device, rain, dew, sun spots, vegetation and many more can cause attenuation of mobile signals. Therefore certain premises often experience call drops, distortion of voice or slow internet connectivity. The mobile phone signal booster, founded by telecommunication engineers provides a solution for this issue.

How to Amplify Mobile Signals

What is a mobile signal amplifier?

A mobile signal amplifier system is made of an external antenna, internal antenna, mobile signal amplifier and connecting cables. The external antenna should be installed in an area where steady mobile signals can be received. Preferably it should be installed on a roof or high ground. The received signals are fed to the mobile signal amplifier to be amplified. Mobile phone signals are sine waves and attenuation means the reducing of the amplitude of the sine wave. The function of the amplifier is to boost the amplitude of the signal. The boosted signal is then fed to the internal antenna and it is transmitted to the required region.

Consider these before buying…

Prior to purchasing a mobile signal amplifier system certain specification should be considered. The type of the internal and the external antenna should be considered. Performance will be better if both antennas are Omni directional antennas. The amplifier power of the mobile signal amplifier should also be checked. The optimum power should be selected depending on the area that should be covered. Whether the amplifier could amplify multiple frequencies should also be considered when purchasing a device. A good mobile phone booster should be able to amplify GSM, 3G and 4G LTE signals.