It can be exciting when you have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. For a home purchase, once installed, you may come to realise just how did you ever live without one? That said, it’s important you keep your HVAC system in tip top condition. By doing this, you can increase efficiency by saving on your energy bills and also keeping the heating and cooling in your property at the correct temperature with less effort.

So here are our 3 important tips to prevent the repairman from heading round every 5 minutes to fix your HVAC systems.

Air Filter Cleanliness

The problem with a dirty filter is it prevents optimum air flow throughout your room or house. As a rule of thumb we recommend inspecting at least once per month and changing every 3 months. Failure to clean your air filter could even mean debris entering the system itself such as in the evaporator coil which could lead for the need for you to change the whole HVAC system, not efficient for heating and cooling and certainly not cheap.

Another great thing about a clean air filter is of course cleaner air in your room as the filter can work to the best of its expectations. Check whether you have a reusable air filter as if so you can upgrade to a more efficient type and depending on your type of HVAC system the filter may be mounted in the grill or along the return ducts length.

Check your Ducts

The ducts both in and out of a HVAC system can be a very costly energy waster. Surprisingly it’s estimated that over 75% of these ducts are leakers globally. Some of the places you should look to first are the joints between sections of the ducts and between branches and trunks of the ducts. Consider conducting a duct leakage performance totest leakage problems and estimate efficiency losses.

You may be surprised to know your interior pressure may not be as good as it can be. With only one or two returns there is a greater chance of leakage as air flows in and out and more air is driven out through gaps. A room with return ducts are under negative pressure while supply ducts create positive pressure. You can see how this may cause great strain on the ducts themselves and the efficiency of your heating and cooling.


A thermostat regulates the amount of distributed throughout your property. We recommend purchasing a programmable thermostat for all HVAC systems. The great thing about this tool is that any settings you want can be defined for set periods of time (weeks, months, years and even forever!). This means a saving on your bills and less strain on your HVAC system, preventing continual repairs.

Do you know how much you can save on your bills? About 10% per year, not bad for such a small yet effective tool.

It’s not every day you come across an air conditioning company that knows what they’re really talking about and genuinely want to help their customers with savings but Breeze Installations of Birmingham provide excellent home and commercial air conditioning installation and repair.