It is very important that to create backup of all the data which is present on your PC. If you are using Windows 10 and are looking for one of the best Windows 10 backup and restore program you should try EaseUSTodo Backup. EaseUSTodo Backup is one of the best software’s which will help you to create backup of all the data which is present in your PC.

If you have ever come across a situation when your Hard disk got crashed and you lost all your data in that crash then only you will be able to know the value of data lost. If you are having backup of your system you can restore it later when in need. EaseUSTodo backup is award winning software which you can use not only for Windows 10 backup and restore but also on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. If you have created backup using this software you don’t need to give money to the IT Specialist guy to recover the lost data.

The software uses one click option which helps in creating backup easily. Not only you can use the one-click feature to create backup but also do the same for restoring the backup. When you are going to create your backup you can select the things like files, folders or applications which you want to add in the backup. It is totally upto you what you want to have in the backup and what you don’t need. Once you have created the first backup, you can set up the incremental backup. The incremental backup will only backup the new files which have been added after the first backup. This will not only save time for creating the backup, but also take less space on your hard disk.

EaseUSTodo Backup not only helps in Windows 10 backup and restore, but is also anssd cloning software. Now we are having the option to add a solid state drive to our laptops. If you have added a new Solid state drive with your laptop and you want to transfer all the data which was present on your laptop, which include all the installation files it can be a lot of mess. You need a good ssd cloning software which will help you in migrating to Solid State Drive without installing Windows again.

Solid State Drivers are usually smaller in capacity, so if you are planning to migrate data from a 1 TB Hard disk drive to a 500 GB Solid state drive it can lead to a lot of trouble. There is no chance that you can fulfill this task manually as many files, applications won’t fit the solid state drive. EaseUSTodo backup is the perfect solution at this point. The software will first of all create backup of all the data which is present on your Hard disk. Once it has created the backup it will start optimizing so that it can easily fit on the new Solid State drive. The data will be cloned the new solid state drive and once all the data has been migrated, your old disk will get wiped off.

What is the need of migrating to a Solid State Drive?

A lot of people don’t upgrade to the latest version of Windows because they are worried that their data might get corrupt or deleted. SSD Cloning software will help in making exact replica of the hard drive which you were using. So if in any case data is deleted from your current Hard disk drive then you can use the solid state drive. In this way you can not only install the latest version of Windows on your PC but also create backup of your current Hard disk drive in the Solid State Drive. You can then carry the solid state drive anywhere along with you and use it on other laptops too.

EaseUSTodo Backup is the perfect solution for Windows 10 backup and restore and is also one of the best ssd cloning software. The software is available both for home and office use. It is better to create backup of all the data before any accident happens.