In the race of smartphones, the Motorola is being a great participant. Since the Google acquire the Motorola, the aim was to provide the Android mobile within your budget and did the same. Google launched Motorola Moto G with very cheap rates and having the better functionality. Its midrange handset emerge the market with high pixel density and android 4.3 jelly OS that is no so much bad.

As there is largest growth of smartphone, the Motorola Moto G is expected to deliver an affordable smartphone experience to the users who can’t afford $400 or more. While G is used to represent the brand of LG products but here Motorola also has used G that means something different.

In US, the people seeking to contact-free plans for smartphones can come across Motorola Moto G because it is not so much worthy having price of just around $180.

Design and Display:

Motorola Moto G is a plastic phone that is provided with the back curved that is one of the most standout feature that transform the glass into plastic and make it easy to hold and secure while you dropped out itat surface. It is provided with 4.5 inch screen display with 1280×720 Pixel HD resolution (326ppi) and 11.6mm thickness that makes it comfortable to hold and use.

It is being expected the comeback of removable back cover market with Moto G becuase it provided with 19 different removable back covers.

It sharpness level, larger frames on screen and better resolution makes the picture quality very impressive. Moto G is seems to be thick and light weight, it seems to be fit and comfortable in the palm. Its viewing angels of display are very good and provide the better reading experience in direct sunlight.

Hardware OS and Features:

The Moto G is rolling out with android 4.3 jellybean platform and would be launched with Kit-Kat very soon (Possibly in late January) if updates are done in very streamline time as others by Google. It is provided with 1.2GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and 1GB RAM that is just like other smartphones. As it is provided with Google, you can use all the standard Android apps along with QuickOffice that allow you use office anywhere. Its Snapdragon 400 uses Cortex A7 core which is slightly more powerful. If you are not a Apps hoarder, the 1GB RAM is enough for you but will slow your device if you would run apps in background.

Two most new introduced apps in Moto G are Motorola Assist that according to name assists your device by making it silent during night and hours and your meeting time. Second is Motorola migrate that let you drag your contacts and messages from old device to new one.


Moto G has front camera of 1.3MP and rear camera of 5MP with autofocus and LED flash. It behaves like a fixed focus camera and you have to just click the image without setting the focal length. In bright light, the picture quality is better. In its menu, to have any control, you have to switch between various modes.


Moto G is provided with 2070mAh battery pack that can give you back of 9 hours if we play video continuously. With its battery saver mode, you would be able to save your battery by shutting off the 3G access running in background whenever your battery is very low.


Sometime user have to remove the battery from the device, with Moto G it is not possible as it is packed into devices. To store your apps and data, it lacks the support for MicroSD card. Background running apps would slow down the speed of the device. It does not support 4G or LTE while you are going to have internet connectivity. But it is more powerful than HTC 500 can do same as Nexus 5 almost. The users than need a better device within budget then they can have a choice of Moto G.