Technical progress constantly provides us with some unusual and pleasant surprises and what was the prerogative of the police or special agencies only yesterday is now offered to every pupil. The spy earpiece is a vivid example of such progress!

How does the spy earpiece work?

The body color spy earpiece is placed into the ear canal (for example, as usual earplugs) and is completely invisible for others. By the way, there isn’t an ear that it won’t fit. It doesn’t hurt and, moreover, one can easily and quickly get used to it.
Then you have to establish Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone (this mobile phone can be either in your pocket, your bagor even in the other room — the distance between the spy earpiece and the phone shouldbeupto 10 m). Your assistant will dictate answers directly to your ear (nobody apart from you will hear it). Moreover, your spy earpiece has a built-insensitive microphone and thus your assistant can hear you and the examiner.

Spheres of Application

What is the spy earpiece for a modern person? It is a unique device that gives a possibility to communicate with your teacher, opponent or competitor having an invisible but reliable assistant. So, who can use the spy earpiece and how?

1) Students are the main target users of the spy earpiece.
They use this spy gadget for taking various exams (entrance and final) and tests. Sometimes the spy earpiece helps applicants become students. Place the spy earpiece into the ear canal, connect to your mobile phone, tell your assistant the question and write down his answer. No examiner will be able to detect that you are using some secret device since it is completely invisible. You will not attract your teacher’s attention by making some strange movements or gestures.

2) Businessmen also use the spy devices.
Businessmen are the second biggest group of people who use the spy earpiece. Why do they need wireless secret devices? As a rule, they need them for secret consultations with partners during business negotiations or meetings, or for making important speeches. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know or remember everything. And sometimes it’s really essential to show yourself competent — it can be the crucial point in the talks.


3) Gamblers make use of the spy earpiece as well.
Another category of people who buy this device is fans of casinos and gamblers. The invisible earpiece lets receive secretly the signals from partners and, consequently, be a step ahead of your opponents.
4) Pupils have started using spy earpieces for many things: writing tests, answering at the blackboard, taking exams, etc.

The spy earpiece can be suitable everywhere where you need secret operational communication!