IT professionals like you may try to avoid lengthy application deployment procedure as it takes lot more time and efforts. The need for applications may vary in different organizations and it’s getting pretty crucial to complete the requirement within the defined period of time. However, with the help of remote deployment tools you can easily manage/distribute applications on hundreds or even thousands of PCs without investing too much time and effort.

EMCO MSI Package builder tool offers unique capability to transform traditional setup files into Microsoft installer format MSI which can be later used to remote deploy applications without requiring any authorization or altering registries. You can convert EXE to MSI in few simple steps, doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve with application deployment.

This tool can perform 5 major operations mentioned below:

  • Build an MSI package of simple to complex applications
  • Completely transform executable files into MSI Packages for silent installations on remote PCs
  • Let’s you uninstall/update/modify existing installations on Remote PCs
  • Perform multiple application installations at once using Installation wrapping technology
  • Create MSI Packages with Group policy that provides no security breaches to target system.

To create MSI Packages, you’ll need to simply download the program and install it on your support PC (where you can handle rest of the PCs connected through network). Run it from the desktop and wizard based interface will open that is self-explanatory and gives clear understanding of what you should do next.

Define the source location of your desired setup files you want to be deployed on remote PCs. You can make use of changes monitor technology to automatically create MSI packages. Else, try visual editor instead to manually define the installation parameters or to create customized MSI packages. When the monitoring is enabled, you don’t have to fear about any breakdown as the tool will manually check for file system and registry integrity on the remote PC. Detailed information about how to convert EXE to MSI Packages is available on EMCO website.

Customizing existing installations

You can now able to modify/customize third party applications installed on remote PCs and repackage them to meet your requirements. Visual editor is helpful in creating customized MSI packages of any existing installations. Make sure that you are well aware of different parameters as any incorrect entries could leads to system failure or application inaccessibility.

Wrap Installations

Embed any complex setup files into installation wrapping and let the application do the rest job. This feature will be available only in enterprise edition of this software but offers extensive capabilities to deploy multiple installations at one go. You can get this option just after starting the EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise.

With installation wrapping, you can add addional functionalities to your MSI Packages such as ask for reboot, build upgrade, the installation behavior etc. You can now save the MSI Package and choose the target PC you want to deploy that particular application.

The Bottom Line

This application carries plenty of useful features that system support professionals can’t live without. From wrapping existing installations to converting setup files into MSI Packages, this will have nearly everything you’d want. EMCO offers this utility in two versions: Professional and enterprise with 30 days of free trial for both. This enables you to explore all the latest capabilities that any remote deployment utility may ever have.