Networking Gadgets Putting Entrepreneurs AheadWhether you have always considered yourself to have the entrepreneurial spirit yourself or if you are thinking of going into business on your own for more free time and the ability to dictate your own schedule, understanding a few networking tricks and tips can help to get you started in the right direction, regardless of the industry or market you are trying to target and corner. Knowing which networking gadgets are the most useful today for helping put entrepreneurs ahead not only helps you to save time, but also allows you to stand out among other individual professionals who are working in the same business as you.

Conferencing Apps

Putting a conference app to use is necessary in today’s social media-driven society. Conference applications give you the ability to host both video and auto conferences with multiple participants simultaneously. Using a conferencing app is one of the best methods of getting any associates, potential clients or business partners together for one purpose, regardless of where they are located individually.

Mobile Event Applications

Install mobile event applications to help monitor and keep track of any events you plan to attend yourself or that you have in mind of hosting yourself, especially trade shows. Using mobile event applications is a way for you to determine how many attendees you may have at a networking event while also giving you a heads up of who is attending to research potential opportunities with them ahead of time.


Using Twitter regularly as an entrepreneur is a must, especially when you are trying to network and gain traction with any type of online blog, website or presence you represent. Be sure to use a Twitter username that is relevant to your own official name or the name of the brand or company you want to represent and promote. The more consistently you update you Twitter with interesting and relevant content, the easier it becomes to build a solid follower base of fans and potential future customers or clients. Implementing hashtags into any tweets you send out using Twitter is another method of attracting more attention to your own brand and your specific page on Twitter itself.

Live Blogging and Updating

Whenever you are attending a trade show or a local networking conference, it’s essential to love blog and continuously update all of the social media platforms you use. Live blogging and updating ensures you are sharing as much information as possible with hundreds or thousands of users at once, rather than sending individual emails.

Multiple Social Media Platforms

Another method to properly network at any business event or trade show is to do so by utilizing multiple social media platforms simultaneously. When you use more than one social media network at once, you have the ability to reach hundreds or thousands of followers without additional work and effort.

The more networking gadgets you integrate into your everyday work life, the easier it becomes to make long-lasting business connections that may ultimately help to generate more leads and revenue you need. Utilizing networking gadgets throughout each one of your work days is one of the best ways to keep in touch with potential business investors, partners, associates and even your own readers, customers and clients who are genuinely interested in your brand and what it has to offer or represents.