shopping-cart-buttonToday is the day of technology and every piece of technology that we see today wants to stay connected to the internet. Be it smartphones, tablets, PC or even gaming consoles. You need to stay connected to the internet in order to perform all the major tasks using these technology pieces.

Now that everything has its web version, things like stores are also surfacing the web everyday as an eCommerce site.

There are millions of eCommerce sites out there on the internet and with every day that passes away a few more pop up and a lot more go down.

Now there are many kinds of eCommerce sites that exist. Some sell consumer electronics, some provide a platform where people can make their own listings and other provide anything from a to z. You name it and it is there. Even the food joints that you like have an online presence where you can order from them and get it delivered to your home or you can pre-order it from the site itself.

Not just goods sellers, but there are many online casino sites in existence as well. I already mentioned that everything in the world has an online presence and so do casinos. What are online casinos you ask? Well, these are just the web versions of the real casinos where people can or say gamblers can just go ahead and play and bet on casino games on the internet itself. An example of secure online casino will be MansionCasino — you will find there all the security measurements a site deals with money have.

Now the eCommerce sites also have to deal with your money, right? So in this post I will be writing about a few ways through which these sites can easily provide more security to users when it comes to money.

Secure your eCommerce Platform/Website

It doesn’t matter if you are dependent on an app or a website for your eCommerce site, but you have to make sure that the code of the product is secure and you should be ever vigilant about the loopholes or bugs through which hackers can get it.

Buy an SSL Certificate and secure critical pages

Buy a valid Secure Socket Layer certificate or a SSL certificate and install it on your website in order to prevent data theft and more web protection.

Don’t store sensitive data

Your customers trust on you and they expect you to protect their data no matter what so do not store sensitive data like credit or debit card numbers, passwords or anything in order to stop them from being leaked.

Enable system alerts for suspicious activity

Don’t give the hackers a chance to compromise with the system by activating and setting up alerts whenever there are suspicious things going on in the system.

Provide security training to your team

You cannot teach a mass of people about how they can take care of themselves on your site and prevent their data from being stolen. Also, it is your responsibility that you protect their data anyhow.

Train your employees and team about how they can secure the system and how they can stop the system from being exploited.

So this was a small post about what security measures a website can take which deals with money.