Google which has launched its own version of OS for laptop and pc named Chrome is not going great there are not many launches of this new product, nevertheless it is still continuing to rise in number that in itself is a huge advantages hence we cannot deny it existence also.

Acer has come up with a new chrome book C710-2457 which is based on the Google Chrome OS now let’s take a close look at the device launched by Acer.


The Chrome net book is 11.6 inch long the plastic body finish though looks quiet budget there are no premium touch the look with a front plastic top lid, the screen bezel which again is glossy plastic the side of the net book is quiet thick is not going to win any awards.

As is with other Chrome books the screen does not support touch hence no touch screen features the input device are solely keypad and touch pad again the touch pad is too small, while the keyboard are of island style Chiclets keyboard they are slightly raised with no backlight, typing is quiet comfortable though you have to get used to it as the layout are slightly different foe example a search key marked with a magnifying glass icon is installed between the Alt and Fn keys.

Touchpad as already mentioned earlier is quiet small hence it support one finger with quite a ease but when you use 2 finger or tries for multi touch it’s become lousy, Web browsing is also not much of a fun due to absence of internal scrolling.


Now coming to display this 11.6-inch net book packs 1,366×768-pixel-resolution display is quiet standard for laptop display but the disappointing factor is the lack of vibrant colors display and brightness even the viewing angle is not so good and there is also a lot of glare due to it glossy surface.

Configurations, Performance, Battery life

Acer chrome 701 is powered by dual core Intel Celeron 847 / 1.1 GHz, has an internal memory of 16 GB and runs on RAM of 4 GB the screen as mentioned earlier is 11.6 inch long with a display resolution of 1,366×768-pixel while there are 2 USB 2.0 and an HDMI port there is also an Ethernet jack for LAN connection and SD card reader.

There is also a VGA port for time travelers it support WIFI 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band but there is no Bluetooth support.

The battery support is just average it gives 185 minutes of music support, so considering the specification and hardware configuration the chrome book which is priced at $199 is strictly for people who want a least expensive web browsing device with a physical keyboard it must give a laptop feels for other it’s a strict NO.

Good : Cost less among chrome book, Chrome book with Google play store

Bad : Feels cheap, Touch pad is too small, limited battery like, sound quality not great, limited only for online use.