Google chrome the fastest growing web browsers so fast is it growing that IE is in danger of losing it monopoly in browsers field. So what is the main reason for the fast growth of Google Chrome? The answer is that it many useful extension. Yes Google chrome extension does help you to do many useful things in the browsers it like you can download flash video, read bookies and magazines in the browsers itself and many more things. But the strongest point of Google chrome browser sometimes also act in its downfall the reason that we install so many extension that it cut down on the surfing speed in a great way.

But wait a minute you do not have to worry much because Google has a built-in tool that will show you the memory usage of each extension in a way helping you to see which are the apps that are eating your memory in a huge way as a result slowing down your computer here is the way to open the tool.

When you have a Chrome window open, just click on the menu icon on the toolbar and then go to Tools > Task Manager. If you’d prefer the keyboard shortcut, hit Shift + Esc, which should work from any tab.

1) Open Google Chrome

2) Tools > Task Manager

3) Shift + Esc

If you have opened it for the first time you will not be able to see the task manager clearly because the default size is too tiny to see the Chrome Task Manager clearly you have to resize your task manager window and yes it can be resized to show the full names of the extensions and their memory usage.

By clicking on the Task heading along the top you can sort the windows as a result your extensions are grouped making it easier for you to short.

Once your extension are aligned and you can see clearly which extension is hogging your system and making the computer slow you can simplify remove that extension in the task manager itself you do not need any third party software for removal of that extension the other things might be at you sees that the extension is hogging your system but you still do not want to remove that apps because it is an integral part of your browsers and without that your browsers would be incomplete then also you do not need to worry because Google has a vast number of similar application in it play store you can take a look at the alternatives for that apps which do not eat much into the memory of your system and can download it into your browsers afterwards you can remove the original extension which was hogging your system and making it too slow.

So by this way you can make your Google Chrome browsers more advanced and will be able to use your favorite web browser more efficiently and fastly this will also help to protect your privacy in the online world.