Apple new OS for mobile and PC iOS 7 is laden with many features some of which is already been discussed in previous issue today we are going to have a peek into some of other unexpected or hidden features in iOS 7.

Daily quick view in Calendar

Earlier many people thought that Apple has removed daily overview from the app but they were wrong in fact it is very much presence in the new operating system you can still view your daily engagement and appointment as well as your meeting by just having a glance at your I Phone.

Just hit the search magnifying glass at the top of the screen and you are displayed of the day event at a glance. Though it is not as user friendly as the previous version but it still there for you to see.

Changing your ‘theme’

By just changing the background of your iOS 7 device you can feel the change of your theme in a bog way the background changes the look of the lock screen, the dial pad when making a call, and the passcode screen by letting the background colors show through. And for those who feel new icon too bright can choose the darkest still background.

Quitting multiple apps

We all love multi tasking don’t we? But sometimes when we open lot of apps closing it by the old tested method (of double-tapping the home button and long-pressing the app to go into jiggle mode) can sometimes be quiet tedious. Instead in new Apple iOS 7 you can just double-tap the home screen and flick the app preview thumbnail upward to quit and believe me it is much faster than the previous method as by just flicking you can close the unwanted apps and by using your 3 fingers simultaneously you can close 3 unwanted apps at one go.

So the next time you want to use your iOS 7 devices to full power make sure you follow the above method of quitting the apps.

Hiding Newsstand

Love reading latest news and magazines just get the subscription and enjoy your favorite newspaper or magazines at your leisure. In earlier iOS newsstand apps was saved in the folder of home screen but in iOS 7 newsstand can be saved in another folder making it much easier to enjoy our periodicals.

Make iOS 7 more readable

Have already discussed previously that with the presence of hidden newsstand it is much easier to enjoy your favorite magazines subscription still you can make your reading experience more enjoyable in iOS 7 so if you’re are having less than average eyesight and are having trouble reading the thin front do not worry you can change the front size to your likening.

Just go to Settings > General > Accessibility then touch the switch for Bold Text and also the Increase Contrast switch right below it. It will require a restart of your iPhone, but now reading should be a lot easier — even in the Calendar app.