The old managers generally opt to manage the others tasks of the organisation without paying much attention to scheduling issues for employees. Even though most of the managers of restaurants and retail outlets still make the use of digital spreadsheets and printed calendars to administer the schedule of their staff, but the development of employee scheduling software — a new web based tool makes the entire procedure easier.

In accordance to a survey conducted by TimeForge, most of the managers of various restaurants utilize between one to eight hours in a week making the schedules for the employees by putting to use spreadsheets and printed calendars. The difficulties in relation to employee scheduling issues increase as the business expands and the number of employees working in the business increases. While preparing the schedules for the staff a manager should take into consideration working hour’s restrictions, holidays to be granted and the preferences of the employees. Also on the spot changes can prove to pull down the procedure. There are lot of such apps like When I Work app which can provide such facilities to users.


While there exists no uncertainty that the employee scheduling software is more costly than the traditional methods of scheduling the staff but the advantages that it provides overshadow its cost issues.
Best 5 Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

1. Time

With the help of employee scheduling software, a considerable amount of employer’s time is saved. The employee scheduling software replaces what earlier was a manual procedure for the managers. While preparing new schedules for the staff the manager keeps in mind the preferences of every employee and then enters it in the employee scheduling software.

The employee scheduling software takes into consideration all those preferences while generating new schedules for staffing. this lessen the manager’s stress as he does not have to be anxious for keeping in mind which accountant is not coming on Wednesdays or which employee is on a leave. This saves the manager’s time and because of this he is able to concentrate on more important managerial issues.

2. Automated Staffing Adjustments
The companies can control raw customer data and make use of such information to take more reliable decisions for staffing, by linking their point of sales and their work scheduling software systems. Managers can evaluate the busiest season for their restaurants and stores by making the use of point of sales information. The incorporated scheduling software keeping in view this information flawlessly regulates the shifts of the employees to meet the requirements of the customers.

3. Self-Scheduling
Allow the employees to comply with on the spot changes in shifts on their own. They can also plan their work schedules. The tools completely based on cloud facilitate the employees to communicate with each other out of sight. The changes in the shifts can be communicated to the employees with the help of in-app messaging system. The feature of self-scheduling facilitates the employees to make suitable changes in their schedules without troubling the managers with pointless requirements.

4. Unlimited Changes
One easy change in the weekly schedule of the staff can have an adverse effect that may require a lot of time for sorting out. Managers can immediately produce new schedules at any point of time in a week by making a shift from spreadsheets to automated software. Many of the scheduling tools take into consideration the preferences of the employees while preparing new schedules and the employees would be informed automatically if there is any change in their shifts because of the new schedules.

5. 24/7 Accessibility
Managers can facilitate their employees to check their shift schedules at any point of time by providing the employees their own logins for the company’s scheduling program. If the systems are set up the employees will be automatically informed about changes in shifts via messages etc as a result of this employees cannot seek escape about not being informed about the changes.

So, if you wish to grow your business at large scale and wish to reach at new heights, you must make use of employee scheduling software. This will surely make your business lead and make it easier for you to keep track on your employees and their activities.