Suppose you are in a plan to sell off your old car! What you would usually do? If we had asked this question before a few years, you might have told us that, you would meet the renowned broker of your area, and tell him the expected the price of yours! Finally, when the broker has turned up with an exciting deal, you will have to pay him a brokerage to forward the deal! Nevertheless, the whole scenario is out of the talk nowadays, due to the rise of online buying as well as selling platforms such as We took the case of car in example, because when it comes to that platform, you can also sell cars in OLX.

However, in this post, we would like to give you a review of this online platform, which has possibly transformed the way we buy and sell things, especially considering its popularity among local people. In that sense, is an inevitable website, when we have to jot down the famous online platforms in Indian world of Internet. Of course, the TV advertisements of also accounts for the popularity in local level, and such ads have done well in making people aware about effectiveness of the mentioned platform [By the way, you can click on the ‘Follow us on YouTube’ button to follow the video advertisement updates of]. Now, however, we will check out different sections of, so that you can get a clearer idea about how the platform works as well as how it will be useful to you.


How does Work?

Working process of is as simple as publishing a classified advertisement in a newspaper! However, what does make it different from such traditional methods is the ‘free’ label of Of course, it does mean that you can just go and publish your own advertisement in without spending a penny. Just after the publishing, you could start receiving offers on the published advertisement. For instance, if you have created an advertisement under the ‘cars’ category, each person who visits the section to see offers will see this offer. If users are interested in that deal, they can use the given contact details, such as email, phone number or something like that, to contact the owner of the product, and hence to set up the deal. works as a simple mediator, and you can find no hidden fees in service.

Accessing the Service

If you want to access to start buying and selling things online, you have multiple options to choose from. From that case, we have found that has worked well in setting up an optimized environment for online buying and selling purposes. Apart from the website, which consists of various features such as the intuitive UI, simplicity of usage, etc, OLX has published dedicated applications for notable mobile platforms like Android and iOS. When you are using these applications, you have less products to do because, you can even use the camera of device to upload the image of product to the service. In addition, you have an option to browse thousands of deals in in truly superb environment in all these platforms. So, we will have to give more than a 5-star review when it comes to case of accessibility of

User Interface of OLX

As we said earlier, has a truly intuitive user interface, which is of course a great blessing to newbies in internet world. In all their platforms — fully-fledged website, mobile website, Android and iOS Apps — can offer the very same experience of buying and selling your products. In order to publish an advertisement in, what you have to do is to publish an advertisement in the website, and the creation process involves only two or three steps such as follows

  1. Selection of category
  2. Providing of additional information such as title, description, photos etc
  3. Providing data to contact the owner, once the user is impressed by the deal

Once you have completed these three steps, your advertisements will be live, and soon you will receive messages or calls from interested buyers. Isn’t the process simple than you expect? And, that is why we said UI is great!

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What is your opinion about, as well as its service? We are very eager to hear your words, and you can use the comments section to shout your words.