Some people think that faxing is dead, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, faxing is still effective and important in 2015 – and will be for the foreseeable future. Want to know why? Let’s take a look at a few valid reasons:

Fax is Still Widely Used in Business All Over the World

Regardless of email and other methods of communication, the fax machine is still widely used in business all over the world. Seriously – there are more than 100 million fax machines that still get used today. It just goes to show that no internet based form of communication can take over the fax machine! You won’t be the only one faxing if you choose this method of communication; far from it!

Very Easy to Use

Fax machines are ridiculously easy to use, and you know that your document has been received by the recipient instantly. All you do is put the document you’d like to share in the machine and then enter the fax number of the recipient. You then get confirmation that your fax was received. You can even send faxes right from your computer with things like mbox online fax software. You have no excuse not to get a fax machine when you realise just how easy it is.

Fax Machines Produce Legally Binding Documents

The great thing about sending a fax is that there’s no way anybody can mess with your document while on its way to the receiver. That means faxes send legally binding documents, ready for another person to sign, if required. You can trust your fax machine to send an exact copy of the document you’ve sent over.

You Can Trace it

You’ll know exactly when your fax was received by the other person, as you get a message telling you. There’s no way it can go anywhere else, or end up in a junk or spam folder if you’ve received a message telling you it was successful. You may get a message telling you it failed, but you can be sure your fax was received if you get a confirmation message. It’s one of the best, most effective ways to ensure your message gets to somebody.

New Technologies

New technologies include things like cloud based fax, making work life so much easier! No need for maintenance agreements or maintaining fax servers. This kind of thing is great because you can send faxes worldwide with no hassle.

There you have them; the reasons fax is still important in this day age. Perhaps your whole perspective of faxing has been changed now; did you realise that faxing was still so popular and important? Many people don’t. As faxing is still a very effective mode of communication, all businesses could use a fax machine or cloud based system in their office. It really helps when sending over legally binding documents and ensuring your message was received!

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