What do you want from your car? Power? Performance? Practicality? Anything else that begins with the letter “P?” We all say that we want a car that’s fuel-efficient or safe. In reality, we want something that looks good. There’s no point in pretending otherwise. It may sound shallow, but looks are important. Nobody wants to drive around in an ugly machine.

Looks matter for any car owner. That’s why there are so many lists on the Internet featuring the most beautiful cars of all time. Of course, we can’t all afford a gorgeous Ferrari or a pristine Rolls-Royce. Never fear – there are plenty of great-looking ordinary vehicles. Small cars often have jazzy and funky designs. There are many superminis on the market these days. The manufacturers have to set them apart from the crowd! Here are our picks for the best-looking small cars on today’s market.

Nissan Micra

We’ll start off with a controversial choice. The Micra is not everyone’s cup of tea. That bubble-style design evokes the Volkswagen Beetle. People love and hate those headlights in equal measure. Female drivers seem to prefer the Micra’s cute looks. Men, by contrast, think it looks like a frog. On the practical side, they’re cheap cars to buy and run. (Anyone looking for a great deal on a Micra should visit www.cardealwarehouse.co.uk.) Practicality isn’t our concern here, of course. We’re interested in looks. For many people, the Micra is a hidden gem on anyone’s driveway.


For those looking for a more conventional choice, look no further. The SEAT Leon isn’t going to win any design awards. It’s just a neat and tidy little city car. We think it’s a good-looking beast. It’s quiet but stylish, with nice features in every aspect of the design. Fans of elegant design could do a lot worse.

Fiat 500

Everybody’s new sweetheart, the 500 is pretty as a picture in every regard. That classic retro styling sets it apart from most other small cars. They’re commonplace now so the novelty value may start to dwindle. The sleekness of the design just doesn’t go away. The Fiat is most common in white but looks good in other colours too. To stand out, we’d recommend getting one in royal blue or yellow.

Mini Cooper

The great movie style icon, the Mini has always looked cool as hell. That’s still true today. Anyone in love with retro Britannia chic should check out the Mini. There are dozens of options, making the Mini customizable in every regard. You can make this classic shape your own in any way you like.

Ford Fiesta

You might expect conservative styling from Ford. The new Fiesta bucks that trend. It’s a groovy little machine with lots of interesting design features. It seems weird to say that a Ford stands out from the crowd. This one does, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Looking good in your vehicle is a must for any stylish individual. It’s possible to look great in cheap small city cars. Find the one that fits your style best. You’ll love your reflection in the shop windows next time you stop at the lights.