Google today has become synonymous with the term innovation. It is estimated that they are processing billion of search requests every day. If you are one of the many techie people out there, you should know that Google is not only the leader of all search engines. They also offer social networking service, email service, document trading and even their own web browser. They are also leading the Android mobile operating system development. Theirs is the only phone that constantly competes with the upgrading iPhones of Apple.

Whether you are using an Android device that can’t access Google Play store or just want to check out cool apps that did not meet the criteria set by Google, here is a good list of 10 Google App Store Alternatives. Read on.

  1. Android Pit market is one of the best alternatives to Google App Store. It does not only let you discover new cool apps and download them but it also has dedicated tests area with reviews of the apps, ratings and screenshots. Available from
  2. 1mobile is simple and easy to use. It has a list-based user interface. It also lists recommended apps under each category. This is what makes it easy to use especially for first time users. However, its search function sometimes is erratic but that is the only issue I can see on this app.Get it here
  3. AndroidPot is another easy to use App store. You can choose from the categories listed from the Android Apps link found at the top of the site. AndroidPot also provides complete information about each App so you can read through them before downloading. Available from
  4. Slideme is another great app store. The interface is almost similar with that of Google Play Store so if you want an alternative to Google Play Store but would like something that is very much similar to it, then this is a great option. This app store, however, requires that you have an account. Creating an account is free. It offers a smooth interface too. You also have the option to limit that number of apps that can be displayed per page or the number of screenshots. This helps in saving data costs. Available at
  5. Amazon’s App Store is at the number 5 spot. To get it, you have to visit and then download the installer. You have to sign in to your account in Amazon to be able to download the apps. Though Amazon does not have all the Apps found in Google Play, the great thing about them is that they offer one paid app every day for free.
  6. Mobo from provides easy user interface too. They don’t only have games and apps but as well as a dedicated section for their themes and wallpapers. It also has a download manager that helps you monitor the progress of your downloads. Not only that, it also helps in easy installation and uninstallation of the apps.
  7. Almost all the apps from the AAOmarket are free. Available at, AAOmarket claims that the number of apps they have are limited because they only feature quality apps. The only issue with AAOmarket is that they don’t have progress indicator so it would be difficult to tell the amount of time needed to download an app.
  8. F-droid from is a free apps marketplace. They have different versions of apps for different versions of Android. All versions are clearly listed so that you can install the right one for your version.
  9. GoodReader is one good app store that includes the ratings of the apps next to their name. It offers a very basic user interface. You’ll get listings only for the popular apps with their categories that you may browse through. The good thing about GoodReader is that they have a dedicated section for all store alternatives. Available at
  10. The App Store from Opera was built after the company decided to acquire Handster. You can easily access the store by opening the web browser of your device and then type