Mobile phones have successfully changed the way in which we live our lives. Before they were around, all contact and correspondence was made through standard land-line phone calls or letters. That meant it could take a long time to receive a response and make arrangements. While things changed quickly when the first Motorola models were released, trends shifted once again as smartphones made their way onto the market. With that in mind, we’re going to spend some time this morning highlighting the most important and influential devices that helped aid this evolution.

There is a whole generation of young people who don’t remember what it was like before iPhones and Blackberrys were readily available. So, this post should be of interest to many of you. While you probably won’t remember many of the models we’re about to mention, they all played a significant role in progressing the technology. The only downside to this evolution affects telecommunication companies that now have to invest more time and money in mobile internet analytics.

IBM Simon – 1993

It might have been one of the largest models ever considered to be a smartphone, but the Simon model from IBM successfully set the standard for things to come. It featured a digital touchscreen display and offered basic features like address books and calendars.

Nokia 900 Communicator – 1996

Things soon moved on, and Finnish technology company Nokia began to lead the way in smartphone design. Their 900 Communicator model was more like a personal organiser than a phone, but it had far more features than anything released previously. It even had its own web browser, although it was impossible to get a WiFi connection at the time.

Blackberry 6210 – 2003

Just over ten years ago, Blackberry brought their first ever smartphone to the international marketplace. It became a big hit, helping the company to make significant profits and invest in even more innovative products. While most people see them as a little outdated these days, they did play an important role in smartphone evolution.

Apple iPhone – 2007

When Apple released their first ever iPhone in 2007, everyone knew it was a game changer. Not only was the device slim and stylish, but it also offered fast processing speeds and some of the most reliable features ever seen. The first models had a whopping 16GB memory, which was unheard of at the time.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – 2013

Samsung had a history of producing over-sized smartphones that nobody could fit in their pockets comfortably. However, their S4 model reached the market last year. Apart from the fact that it received better reviews than the latest Apple releases, the phone itself is far superior. With a full 1080p HD display, it has become a big hit with those who like to watch videos on the move.

So, there you have it guys. That was the evolution of smartphones in a nutshell. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about the history behind these devices, and you will now appreciate what you have a bit more.