Many people are jumping on the band wagon and dropping the cable company to switch to cheaper and more efficient options, but now we are looking for even more convenience. We want to be able to watch our shows wherever we are, not just at home in front of our TV’s. The technology is there, so there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to watch all the TV shows and channels that we can watch on our TV’s from any other device we use on a regular basis, like our smart phones and tablets.

Unfortunately, however, finding an option that works best for you and your needs is still a little tricky. You not only need to find an option that works with your device, but you also need to find an option that provides all the channels that you want within your budget. Finding one service that merges the two can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are some ways that you can watch TV channels without a TV.

Get your satellite providers app

Many of us have made the switch from cable to DIRECT TV to save money and get better channels. You will be glad you made the switch when you want to watch your satellite TV service from your mobile device. Most satellite TV services now have apps that you can download to any device to get the shows that you want wherever you go. Most apps are free with your service and are reliable with any Wi-Fi connection or data plan.

Use the networks website

If you want to try a less expensive, in fact, free, option to watch your favorite TV shows from your mobile device, you might consider streaming from the show’s network. Most networks have episodes of their TV shows available online for a limited amount of time. You can watch your shows, a little bit later, at your convenience, within the amount of time that they are available. Free options aren’t always the most convenient, but they are free.

Subscribe for an online streaming service

If you want the convenience of being able to watch your shows whenever you want but still don’t want to pay the price for satellite TV, then a subscription for a online TV streaming site might be the better option for you. You can watch all the shows and movies available on the site whenever you want from any device. Similar to satellite TV, you will need to download the app and pay the monthly fee, but the fees are much lower for these sites than any other TV options. However, these sites rarely have the latest episodes, so you will need to wait to see what happens next a little longer than those with the satellite service.

Download it

This option is a little more expensive than the online streaming site, but still less expensive than a satellite contract, depending on the amount of shows and movies that you download. You can download the shows you want to watch directly to your mobile device using sites like iTunes and Google Play. Again, you will not be able to have the latest episodes, but there is an extremely wide selection of shows and movies that you can choose from at reasonable prices.