A lot of people enjoy a drink every now and then. People have stressful lives – especially considering the economic climate. We rush around to make ends meet, working as hard as we can with some people even having to take on two or three jobs. When you finally do get enough dough to make it through the month, your car breaks down or you find a leak that means your whole roof needs replacing. It always seems as if there’s something else. You fix one problem only to find another right around the corner. So it’s perfectly expected that people find solace in a quiet glass of wine or a nice cold beer that helps them to relax at the end of the working day or week.

It can be particularly stressful for the younger generations of 18 and above who have exams and part-time jobs, as it’s proven that 18 to 30 year olds are suffering higher stress levels than ever before. How do they relax? Go to the pubs, bars, and clubs. This is fine. It’s important to let loose every now and again. However, are people aware of the damage they could be doing?

What Damage?

I hear you saying ‘we already know it’s not good for you’. Yes, studies show that too much drinking is bad for you, however a little is good for you. I’m not about to get into that now as people know the damage that excessive alcohol can cause to your body. What you might not know is how too much drinking is harming your wallet. Drink costs are on the rise. This is partly down to taxation. The government love to tax things that are bad for you – it’s there excuse. It’s the same reason that Mars Bars have less chocolate on them now a days: the Mars Company gets to pay less tax. Alcohol prices go up and people will pay the increased prices. You must also be careful with counterfeit alcohol which is increasingly finding its way into our off licenses and supermarkets. It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference from the real thing, so be careful.

I know alcohol is expensive!

Everyone knows that alcohol is expensive, but did you know that where you drink has an effect on the price as well. You must all have noticed that in an up market town the drinks in the bars cost more than a more everyday – hardworking town or city. But what are you going to do? If this is how you like to relax, then you will happily pay the price.

Did you know though that alcohol has a secret way of draining our collective funds? Have you ever sent a drunk text? I’m sure you have. Well, as a whole nation this new epidemic is costing the UK hundreds of millions according to a recent survey carried out by giffgaff. It’s not just the actual cost of sending out one of these texts, no. It’s what we do when we’ve had a few and our inhibitions are lowered. Examples, I hear you ask? Well, how about the growing group of people who pop onto Amazon or eBay and spend a fortune on goods they don’t want, for instance a £400 exercise bike because they’re feeling self-conscious in the merry state? Be careful when drinking. Making sure you have enough money to make ends meet is hard enough, let alone if you’re squandering it on drunken nonsense from eBay.