Most car owners know about the things they should and shouldn’t do. Unfortunately, some car owners end up making mistakes of epic proportions with their vehicles.

For the most part, the car owners you come across each day are responsible, intelligent and law-abiding. But every now and then, you will find some motorists that just shouldn’t drive or own a car!

Here are a few examples of the stupid things some car owners do. Make sure that you avoid making the same mistakes!

Driving a car with bald tires

Those black rubber circles that cover our alloy wheels lower the risk of us killing ourselves or other people on the road.

Brand new tires come with a tread depth of 8mm. It would seem that there are a few car owners who prefer driving racing slicks with no tread depth on their tires!

Not only is that illegal, but you can kiss goodbye any chances of having traction in adverse weather conditions. That’s why you must check your tires on a regular basis, and consider changing them if they drop below 5mm tread depth.

“Redlining” the motor with each gear change

For some reason, a lot of people deem it necessary to “redline” their car’s power plant with each gear change. Redlining, in case you don’t know, refers to the practice of driving a car to the rev limiter in each gear.

It’s a practice that is akin to signing a death warrant for your motor. Just don’t do it! If your car lacks power, head down to Mercedes Inchcape and buy an AMG or something!

Driving with the “check engine light” on

All modern cars have an electronic fuel injection system. The electronics in those cars are all controlled by an ECU, or “engine control unit.”

When you turn the ignition on in your car, the “check engine light” will come on. It will stay on until a couple of seconds after you start the engine. If that light stays on, it means there is a problem with your motor.

A lot of misguided motorists will drive their cars as normal with this light illuminated. I recommend that you drive your car to your nearest auto shop and have them diagnose the problem.

Unless you have some spare cash to pay for an expensive repair job, or a new engine that is!

Never servicing the car

I’m sure you aren’t one, but there are plenty of lazy car owners out there. They think that all they have to do is fill the gas tank up and do nothing more!

The sad truth for those motorists is that they will learn, the hard way, why never servicing your car is a bad idea.

To ensure your car’s longevity, you must service your car according to the service schedule. Even clunkers need maintenance too, don’t you know!

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog post. Have you got any extra tips to help educate other drivers? Join in the conversation below!