Have you heard about ASKME? If you have a habit of watching Television then you might have discovered advertisements of ASKME that feature Ranbir Kapoor.

Well, ASKME when put in simpler words, is a Smartphone application that enables you to know many sort of things from a particular area or your city. In our experience, we felt that ASKME is quite a good brand name, one must have this application for Indian Android Smartphone users, which comes with a tag line of ‘The Bapp of all Apps’ which is quite mentioned in its advertisements too. In this post, yet, we are going to have a thorough review of ASKME so it is possible to realize how useful will the application be in regards to finding the things you’ll need, in a matter of seconds. As the first part of this review, we’ll have a look on basics of this incredibly popular Android app, which is expecting an iOS counterpart fairly shortly.

ASKME – AskMe Anything!!

You’ll have confusion in locating services as well as products, if you are at a town, notably one with which you are not familiar. There’ll be a tendency to be cynical about these business providers quality,reliability and dependability, even if you have located them. However, ASKME is a successful response to this question of confusion, as it’s an extremely effectual directory of local businesses, which is made accessible through a Smartphone application which is very much simple to use. If you’d like to locate a hotel in a specific locality, or in your city, you can search ASKME for ‘Hotel’ and the application will bring list of hotels which are available. Instead of mentioning names, ASKME can tell many other things to you. They comprise details for contacting the company, exact address, evaluations from other users, photos, catalog of available products, process of payment, etc.

What Else ASKME Can Do?

A number of things are possible through its Android app.

  1. Classified Ads: ASKME, while being a company record service, is a platform also. In kind of a classified ad, you can publish your condition as an user of ASKME, give your contact number, and that advertising and support will be calling you hereby to confirm those details. On the other hand, you’ll be able to go to ‘Ads’ section of search results if you’d like to locate advertisements that suits your condition.
  2. Understand about Local Deals: ASKME, nevertheless, allows you to understand more of such promotion methods to ensure users could have maximum gain from these local business providers.
  3. Make, Rate Listings & Claim. If you want your business to be recorded in ASKME and are a business owner, you will be able to do so by seeing dedicated section. Similarly, if someone has recorded that business and you want to maintain it, you can do the exact same through program.

UI & Verdict

In our experience, we’ve downloaded ASKME application that is available free of cost. There were no difficulties in managing these mentioned tasks easily, although the app weighs just mere 3MB. Additionally, absence of irritating ads is a blessing for all users. While contemplating these findings from our expertise, every Indian Smartphone user should have ASKME in their Smartphones when there’s a tendency to make life simpler. Have you used this app? We’re enthusiastic to learn more about your experience in comment section. Download AskMe App from Google Play now.