EaseUS Todo Backup Free 7.0 is a safe, reliable and free backup software mainly targeted at home users. The claims are high on the official site, making it the World’s most popular free backup software crossing 6,000,000 users. There are many instances when we lose data due to negligence or other technical issues we are not aware of. This is where EaseUS Todo Backup can help us tremendously.

The free backup software is simple to use with just one-click back up system. It also helps in the backup of photos, videos, music, documents and applications. Looks like the perfect choice for anyone stuck by a data disaster situation.

The EaseUS Todo comes in two versions: freeware and pro version. Freeware lacks few essential features that are used by professional version. But, Freeware has enough juice for users to give it a try.

The User Interface at the EaseUS todo website is clean and easy-to-use. Extremely user friendly. The functionality of the free backup software is intuitive from the design itself.

Data Recovering has never been so easy. The wizard provided in the software takes care of all the important steps and guides the user with ease. There are two ways you can recover files, one by double-clicking on the Todo backup file and other by simply using the restore function to fully backup the system.

The Free backup software offers more than one option for creating a backup. The options are as follows:

  1. Disk/Partition
  2. File
  3. System
  4. Smart

Full hard disk cloning is also supported with the option to recover the files to the original location or separate drive or folder. They also provide the option to replace the existing file.

Another feature worth mentioning is the file monitoring. Users can easily set up schedule that will monitor files that are specific using the file monitoring feature. Important files that are changed frequently can be constantly monitored by the software hence allowing the users to back up the file in case of disaster.

On the negative side, the free version of the software is plagued by frequent pop-ups “to upgrade the software to professional version”. This can be ignored when compared to other free software which also uses the same popup model.

The free backup software also doesn’t feature virus scanning and use of scripting capabilities, which could overall enhance the functionality of the software.

The documentation of the EaseUS Todo Backup is available online which contains all the information needed to operate the software successfully. It also features great debugging information. On the other hand, there is no telephone contact.

EaseUS Todo Backup is reliable data backup software for everyone plagued with data recovery issues. It is flexible, robust and smooth but the lack of virus scanner and custom script make it a mediocre in the available recovery tools available online.