If you are using Android Smart phone you must be quiet familiar with live Wallpapers which was introduced way back with Android version 2.1. Live Wallpapers provide animated, and often interactive, backgrounds that range from minimalist to downright busy.

As Android got more and more update so was the improvement visible in the wallpapers category which has become more power-efficient, robust and eye catching it has even become more battery friendly then earlier version.

So here we are going to discuss some eye catching wallpapers some of which is also free for user. The apps mentioned here are uniquely different from each other and represent some of the best available for the platform today.

Nexus Triangles LWP

Standard Android 4.2 Jelly Bean wallpaper has got seemingly endless line of custom backgrounds and handpick the animations, colors, size and responsiveness of the triangle shapes you can also select preset themes if you do not like to spend much time tweaking.

Recent updates bring a 3D parallax effect, additional battery themes, cloud-based backups and new triangle outlines although it is available free of cost but if you want a full fledged version you have to shed 99 cents for the full app.

The Nebulander

The Nebulander reacts to your touch it free version provides basic features including adjusting the size, speed and evolution however if you want to do more customization go for paid version you have to shed $2.45 for paid version which includes more satellites, cloud colors and a handful of planets that look stunning in the distance.


Circuitry is simple yet gorgeous Live Wallpaper in which the home screen slowly changes with circuitry overtaking the background and then starting all over again. The best thing is that the effect is never twice the same every refresh gives you a random images. Besides changing the background and colour of the circuit, you can also adjust textures, shadows, density, and opacity.

What is really sad about this simple yet gorgeous Android Live Wallpaper is that there is no free version of Circuitry if you want to use this simple yet gorgeous Live Wallpaper if have to shed $1.49.

The best result of this simple yet gorgeous Android Live Wallpaper is on tablet or Smart phones with a screen resolution of 720 or 1080 pixel and above.

3D Parallax Background

Where you fascinated by the floating IOS 7 icons above the background? Well then will be surly like 3D Parallax Background which also provides much more than the floating IOS 7 feel.

Custom Beam LWP

These Android apps provides numerous wallpapers setting for your Android Smart phones and tablets beside choosing color themes you can also adjust gradient angle, light beam angles, Speed and opacity.

Though the free version of Custom Beam provide great setting but is recommended to go for the paid version ($1) to use additional options like adjust circles and bars, and use the battery indicator which is a great plus for Android phones.