Lenovo has code named the X910 sSmartphone as K6. It’s This is a latest handset mobile phone from Lenovo and havingwith big 5-inchh full HD touchscreen featuring. This device dual-SIM hand setmode. The mobile phone was first launched Its lunch in Cchina and release on 26-jul-2013. Lenovo might be unveiling its own super phone. It is expected that If true, the new Lenovo flagship will be more powerful than the galaxy S IV and the HTC Oone- both them havinge snapdragon 600 processorinside. With the launch of this smartphone, Lenovo is trying to expand its business in smart phones market.

Design and Specification:-

Lenovo X910 features We are like to see a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor, . It’s having 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory should be standard on the device. The Lenovo X910, codenamed K6, is going to be a new latest entrant in world of smartphones and on high end mobiles. This device has new stylish, looks well. Lenovo does great job of designing this X910/K6 handset. It is more than likely that the Lenovo X910 will feature Android 5 from the beginning.

Camera and Multimedia:-

There are no details available about the of camera in this handset yet, bBut Lenovo might most probably offer offering a 13MPmp camera in this mobile phone. If it need to on same level as other devices. When we come down to multimedia, there is no choice for both audio as well as video. It house 16GB internal memory with and it will expansion up to 64GB via micro SD cCard makes Lenovo X910 a perfect device to carry your favorite music files, videos, movies and pictures.

Connectivity and Features:-

Lenovo best features set a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 along with Adreno 330 .Next year India also getting with 4G it makes sense that Lenovo X910 comes with it.

Lenovo X910 has following connectivity options:
 Also including with Sstandard 3G,
 Wi-Fi,
 Bluetooth 4.0 and
 micro-USB and USB OTG
 4G LTE advancedwith advance speed. A nifty addition could be the inclusion of LTE Advanced.

Battery and Storage:-

Battery should be around thedelivers 2500 mAh. It does have 5- inch screen. It’s having 16 GB of internal memory and also offer to extend it to further 64 GB through micro-SD card slot. This battery provides good support to the device.

Advantages: –

Lenovo X910 gives youu full HD experience with the screen storage capacity expandable of up to 64GB through micro- SD card. Duel SIM handset look good and wWith the advanced feature 4G LTE along with as well as 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, Lenovo X910 is a super package of exactly what you want. Its cAppearance of phone onstruction looks solid with a metal and polycarbonate back. Battery lasts for a Provide you full battery whole day.


Lenovo X910 (K6) has lightte weight, look slim appearancedevice , and hence difficult to not able to handle easily. As device supports storage capacity of up to 64GB, phone often involves problem of disfunctioning. This device having more capacity through micro SD card it gives us hanging problem for a minute Lenovo launches this Smartphone outside of their home area.


Lenovo X910 is a dDual SIM Based sSmartphone having awith large 5-inch screen display with a powerful configuration which makes the device look nice. It’s giving offers you more internal storage capacity to store also helps us to store all theiryour clicky moments at one place. It also comes with a 13mp resolution camera which gives the best results at every click. its give you new experience about camera and its Ssolid battery backup makes it a the device a full packaged dDevice. When android 5 lunches this device also launched should be launched at the same time, so it is more than likely that Android 5 from the beginning the Lenovo X910 will feature.