From early childhood I was glued to TV guide. Hardly was there any day or week when I would not flip through the magazine each week to see what was on. But those were the day when only two channels was available to us and hence keeping track of that was quiet easy but with times the TV industry has also changed a lot now there are a hundred of channels these days which include different genres. Add to that all the content available through streaming downloads and DVDs, and it can be challenging not to miss your favorite shows. TV Guide’s printed edition doesn’t bother with full listings anymore.

So you see that it is quiet challenging to keep a tab on your favorite channels and to face this challenge is where new TV Guide app comes in available on all kind of Apple devices the app gives you a clean display of what’s on TV over the next two weeks. An Android version is coming this fall.

You can view listings by time or search for specific shows or channels what more you can even create a watch list of your favorite shows.

Even the guide on a digital-video recorder is of no match to this new app which is more comprehensive because it includes shows available on such services as Hulu, iTunes and Netflix and that is not all you can also view on-demand offerings through Xfinity for Comcast subscribers.

So how to get started? Well it is quite simple just create an account and pick your Television provider from the list from there you can choose the list of Favorite channels you would like to watch most now suppose you would like to watch the highlight of US open final which you missed due to your busy schedule do not worry look for the timing when the highlight will be played suppose it will be played at 6 PM on Sports Channel, you can set a reminder for the iPad (or iPhone) to notify you five, 10, 30 or 60 minutes before the show starts, so that you don’t miss the action again.

The app also has news, photos and video on television and celebrities. There were also special features, such as the fall television schedule at a glance and the Emmy nominees in key categories.

But when it comes to giving information the apps unfortunately is stingy. As for the main listings, clicking on any program gets you a brief description and it is almost same as we used to get it in newspaper or magazine from there you can post it to your social network or you can add it to your Watchlist.

This TV apps guide on I phone or pad is worth checking in as it brings together all aspects of television the traditional channels, online streaming and episodes on DVDs. It can help you to organize your TV guide just like the old way but definitely can’t control it considering the volume of channels and programmers that are aired every day.