Intel processor is the most used computer (both for laptop and desktop) processor worldwide due it its brand image, power and clocking speed the only competition that it get from is AMD

Which also with the launch of its new processor bulldozer series is getting good response to counter the threat of AMD and the newly devolved processor for mobile laptop and ultra book Intel has come out with its own 4th generation processor i4 or haswell.

So what new in the new processor why after the launch of 3rd generation which is just 30 months old Intel has come with the new processor how difference is it with it precede or let have a close look.


While the new haswell series does not offer much is the form of power and over clocking in terms of it earlier ivy bridge processor there is a just 15 percent rise in processing power but what is amazing about this new processor is its ability to increase the battery like of the laptop in short it can be termed as power saver processor the result is an increase of at least 50% of battery like and according to Intel official the laptop powered by Haswell series will last up to 9 hours which is quiet amazing if achieved the laptop can finally be called a wireless device, even the desktop PC will consume less power resulting in lower electricity bill. It is one of the most power-efficient chips the company had created this is the view of Intel south Asia MD Debjani Ghosh.

Graphics Performance

The result of improved battery life also show it effect on graphic the Haswell series promises a better graphics performance so it’s really a good news for all the game lovers because it’s come with GT3 graphics configuration, can even match dedicated mobile graphics cards! Still if you want to play high end 3D game you might need an Nvidia ot Ati graphics card.


Today the definition of computing has changed gone are the day when computing used to be desktop or laptop based computer now a day a average user uses Tablet or for that matter even a smart phone for his daily computing need this is where the new Intel i4 Haswell series will come into pictures based on Intel’s 22-nanometer micro-architecture, the new Haswell processor series has thermal design low enough for the processor to be moved away from under the keyboard to behind the screen.

This means that with the launch of the new processor now Intel is ready for tablet and smart phone based computing because the biggest complain regarding graphics is taken care of in this new processor.


The new processor from Intel is going to make a worldwide appearance on 4th of July. So folks waiting for new PC branded or assembled do wait for few more days if you want a new power saver computer with good graphic performance.