Car manufacturers have produced over forty million cars this year so far. That’s a big number. With that many cars on the road, how on earth are you supposed to know which one’s right for you? That’s a slight leap of logic, of course, but the point still stands. It can be confusing to get the right car for your needs. There are lots of different manufacturers. They’ve all got their different models, which have their individual differences again. There are lots of different sellers, all trying to get you to take their motors. It’s all a bit of a mess.

That level of confusion gets worse when you’re trying to find a good car for your business. You won’t use a company car as you might use a personal car. Your needs are different. You want it to do other things and to represent other things. That’s obvious, but you still might feel adrift in this market. Never mind – we know what’s best for your business. In our opinion, a Volkswagen is the perfect model for any company car.

You might be asking why that’s the case. Don’t panic, because we’re going to explain it all for you. First of all, you want a company car that makes a good first impression. You’ll need to impress your clients from the minute you arrive at their door. Prestige vehicles are a good way of impressing any potential customer. If they can wow a date, they can wow a client! A Volkswagen is the perfect car for that goal. It oozes style and character, while at the same time shows your professionalism. There aren’t many people out there who wouldn’t take notice if your staff pulled up in a VW.

Another thing that a company car needs is to be comfortable. If you’re sending your staff on long drives, you want them to feel relaxed. A Volkswagen has comfort in spades – the company designed them for motorway cruises. Your employees won’t arrive at meetings feeling sore and stiff in a Volkswagen. What’s more, that comfort means they’ll feel more relaxed and happy when they do arrive at their destination. That’ll give them a better chance of doing your company proud.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2013

Onto practicality, another area where no other manufacturer can beat Volkswagen. The German company’s models are spacious without being too large. That means you can take models, goods and prototypes to meetings with ease. Volkswagens are also reliable and easy to use. Your staff will love driving them, and there’s little chance that they’ll break down before a big meeting.

The final consideration, of course, is the price. Volkswagens are expensive, but you’re paying for quality. A business could consider leasing them from if buying them outright is too dear. Used models can also be an option for business buyers. They’re often as good as the new vehicles, but come at a fraction of the price.

We think the choice is clear for any business user. A Volkswagen is the way to go. They cover all the bases and tick all the boxes. Think of VW next time you need a car for your company’s fleet.