The surveillance of the computer is very vital and at the same time, it is not as easy as such. However, with software like Spytector, you can be sure of your documents being safe on your computer.

What Is Spytector?

This is a keylogger, or rather, a keystroke logger, which helps in the supervision and the surveillance of your computer. It is invisible and overly unnoticeable and you can use it to supervise the usage of your computer.

This program will run undetected and also, it will not be noticed by an antivirus program. When the antivirus scans your computer, it will not be detected by any. Here is where the keylogger applies. There is the pro version and the trial version. There are some AV programs that tend to be powerful and able to detect a number of legit keyloggers. For that reason, if you are using the trial version, you will be detected by the AV programs. Nevertheless, the detectable issue will not be present in the complete version. The complete version cannot be detected by any antivirus program.

The Spytector helps the Supervision and Surveillance of your Computer

The monitoring activity will be stored in an encrypted log file that secured, so there will be no any possibility of detection. The software is completely covert on the desktop of the user and it cannot be viewed in the Task Manager. So basically, it is a stealth Spytector Keylogger that assures you of total privacy. This version will be supported on Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. The program has a feature that helps you to restore the password that has been stored in the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Google Talk, Opera, Firefox, among others. It also has a number of improvements on their features.

Features of The Keylogger

  • It will monitor the websites, chats like MSN Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM and keystrokes.
  • Booting of events, URL history and passwords.
  • It also allows for the start keylogging, and you can also use the Back Space.
  • There is also the monitoring of applications and clipboard and filtering of the keyblogging.
  • Delivery of the Email and FTP log.
  • Configuration of the warning messages.
  • Customization of the logs, according to the maximum daily limit.
  • Restoring local passwords on browsers.
  • The delay of the activation.
  • Keylogger uninstall option.

The Security And Main App Features

  • Overly invisible and undetectable by any software on the computer.
  • The local log files are encrypted.
  • Covert reports delivery, which is done by FTP and emails.
  • Encrypted configurations.
  • Voluntary encryption for the logs that are delivered.
  • Configurations that have been protected with a password.
  • You can choose to deny access to a number of apps and softwares.
  • Ability to save your configurations.
  • It has a fitted log viewer utility.
  • You may save the logs as HTML and RTF files.
  • A multi language interface that you can customize, in relation to the skin.
  • The retrieving of the local log file.
  • You can edit the log size, name or any other detail of the server.

In general, the spytector helps to keep your computer safe from intruders and in general, it will assure you of privacy. For that, there wouldn’t be any program trying to look over your system.