Over recent years, Chinese manufacturers have unveiled a number of HDMI dongles which look like thumb drives and plug into your television. The diminutive sticks pack a punch, but the newly released Meegopad T01 looks like it will quickly become the alpha male among the group.

So far the HDMI sticks have been flying under the radar, as they lap the competition, like Selby HDMI cables for example.The Intel Bay Trail Atom-powered, Meegopad HDMI stick functions as a full x86 compatible PC. Powered by an x86 quad core CPU, the stick will have the capacity to run a number of operating systems like Windows 8.1, other Atom-friendly systems, and Android.

Easily mistaken for a USB flash drive, the Meegopad has an HDMI connector where you would normally find a USB connector. Don’t be fooled by appearances though as these gadgets boast the guts of a tablet or Android behind the innocent looking façade.The mighty mite of computer gadgets will enable users to operate Android apps on their televisions, stream video content from your phone and other mobile devices, and a whole lot more.

Have a look at the complete specs from the Chinese manufacturer. For now, the standard factory model is priced at $110, plus shipping to the United States. However some questions linger as to whether this price is for the standard factory model or best configuration. You may want to be patient if possible. Another muscled up Meegopad model will become available that runs an Atom Z3735G processor supported by 2GB of RAM. Consumers will have the option of choosing from either 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage.