The home page of the website is most important page that tells everything about the whole website. When user comes across a website, it well optimizes the web landing page or home page and then decides whether to stay or leave the website. Website’s home page is mostly responsible in getting most of the traffic.

It is not easy to attract a user to user website until you have optimize its landing page very well as landing page put a great impression on the website viewer. The design and structure of the landing page of website should be very effective. If your website’s landing page or home page is designed well, it will maximize the customer retention.

What you should do?

  1. A Nice Looking Headline: What the mean of nice looking headline in website’s landing page is that it should explain everything about the website within just 3-5 seconds. So make your headline very simple and clear.
  2. A Secondary or Sub-Headline:Sub-headline is just like a short description of your website services. Sub-Headline should be different than Headline and should represent the mean of website.
  3. Logo: For any good home page, the placement of logo with tasteful size is very important. Logos generally express the business to the viewers.
  4. Navigation: If the homepage is not good to provide the very clear path of navigation then it would result increase of bounce rate. So it must be very clear that your homepage provides navigation visible at the top of the homepage.
  5. Search capabilities: Adding search capabilities to your site will reduce the no. of links and this will be very benefit able in case of e-commerce website.
  6. Content and Representation: From aspect of SEO the copy of the content at your website is not good. Try to provide the content that has some mean for customer or visitor.
  7. Customer Proof: It is a powerful indicator of trust because the addition of name and photo makes the testimonials more real.
  8. Better Visibilities: if the fonts and design of the content at your website is user friendly, then it would help in getting more traffic. The font size and style should be eye cache so that user can stay at your website.
  9. Social Media: it will improve the experience if you have social media links at your website’s home page. These links indicates that you have interest and touch with media socially.
  10. Easy Conversation: You should clear the conversation at your website home page by showing your goal and purpose.

Not to Do:

There are some task that you should not do while designing your website homepage.

  1. Avoid too many ads: Don’t suffocate the visitor with too many ads and popups at every single click on the website. Visitors are not there to see this boring kind of stuff. Sometimes the ads hides the content and this frustrate the viewer and cause the leaving that website.
  2. Bad Content Structure: Don’t complicate things by spreading your content across multiple pages when it comes at single page. Always add the introduction to your topic at start. Due to bad structure, the customer leaves the website with just single click.
  3. Obtrusive use of Audio and Video: Sometimes websites provide the explanation of its content with the use of audio and video where it is not so much necessary, and when the loading of these audios and videos is very slow, it affects the browsingexperience.
  4. Prompt to Register: when visitor come across a website, it forces the visitor to register before viewing content. This forcibly registration will cause the user to lookout other website.
  5. Poor Legibility: sometimes the design of the website is made with abusive color and excessive typos that lead to poor legibility. The excess of brightness sometimes can be distracting and abrasive.

These all things result in rise of bounce rate that decrease the website overall performance over Google. So the design of the website’s landing or home should be attractive and meaningful, not ugly and full of meaningless content.