You have purchased your smart phone but are confused to what to install in it (apart from multi platform apps like face book, twitter etc) because there are sea of application both paid as well as free that is available to user across all OS online then do not worry as these article below may guide you to choose the apps judiciously and might help you to run your smart phone without any lags.

Airdroid- These apps is a must have if you want to control your phone by the help of PC wirelessly and as it works on browsers windows hence no additional software is required in your computer it moves things on and off your Android device even when the phone is not near it also helps in sending and receiving SMS from computer

AVG- Recently published study states that android devices are most prone to Virus attack hence installing good antivirus is quiet necessary and what better than AVG which is doing great job in PC for years. This free antivirus protect your devices from malware and virus in addition it also scan incoming text in your phone.

ES files explorer: There might be a file manager for your smart phone but still you may need ES explorer it let you copy paste among folder apart from many other options.

MX media player: Almost everybody like to watch video on their smart phones so what better you to view body than MX media player apart from playing almost all video format it can also provides quick access from playback display for volume and brightness.

Kingsoft Office: A smart phone is not smart enough if you cannot view and edit document and kingsoft office is one such software which help you to do so and what more it almost compatible to all format of Microsoft office it supports over 20 commonly used formats, has a built-in file manager and works seamlessly with various cloud storage services.

So these were few must have Apps for Android apps now these one is for I phone user.

Camera Awesome: Iphone default camera comes with basic interface but if you want much more control over the camera using various effects, composition grid lines, exposure control, as well as a built-in photo enhancer you need to install Camera awesome.

Find my I phone: Very useful if your phone is lost or stolen through this you can trace or lock your phone You can send messages, lock the device, sound an alarm or wipe data via the iCloud panel in a browser.

Play extreme HD- is an answer to MX player because the default video player in iphone does not play all format it is good for MP4 only so these software is quiet essential if you like watching video especially if you are a fan of HD video.

So this was few apps for apple and Android devices which help the phone to perform better there are few more apps which we will deal in latter stage.