Apple’s most updated operating system iOS 7 is most featured operating system that have more exciting new features that may surprise you. iOS 7 is provided with some cool tips and trick that are very interesting and you need to know. Some of these features are very interesting and attract your glace at their benefits and presence.

These are as:

Swipe up and reply to Incoming Calls with just Message:

Sometimes, when you receive the phone call and you are busy, you have to decline that call but with Reply with message option, you can send a text message to the caller saying you are busy or whatever you want to say with picking up the call.

Use of the Customize Message Option:

while you declined the call with typing the message, you can use the feature of canned message that add convenience to your reply. It will help you in deliver your message to destination without saying a single word. this will help you while you are in meeting and you get an urgent call and you are not able to respond that call.

Use How DND (Do Not Disturb) Option:

if you sick with someone’ call and want do not disturb facility form them then you can use the Do Not Option. It is a new feature that appears in the setting where you can switch on/off and can set the time limit. Here you are also provided with “choose people to from you don’t want to be disturbed” option where you can select the people allowing them to call or not.

Send the photos and videos by attaching in mail through Mail App:

With its Mail App option, composing a message along with attaching a media file is very effective and easy. You just have to press hold anywhere in the body and hold the phone horizontally (In landscape Mode). You will be providing with a list of options where you can insert a video, audio or image file. While you are not in landscape mode just tap the option button and you will be provided with same option.

Use of Full Screen Mode:

News, article or any text, you read on your iPhone device causes you to squinting, pinching and zooming that make people uncomfortable. With safari, you are provided with option of Reader very near to URL bar and it reformats the page in full made and make the web page and text easy readable. It is a very new feature in iOS 7 and explores many more benefits with this option.

Be comfortable while passing your iPhone to your Friends:

Sometimes when you pass your device to your friend, you remain worry about your contacts and photos they might see up. iOS 7 has provide a very tricky option named as Guide Access that locks your device and only allow the apps that are open and none of other functionality would work until you unlock the device. Just open a desire app and tap the home button triple time.

Disable the Buttons in Apps:

When you use Guide Access for an app to lock the user to swipe up to other apps, you can also disable the part of the screen. This prevents unauthorized person from accessing your device and apps.

Get in Touch with New Privacy Option:

A new privacy option in setting improves your privacy. In privacy option, you are allowed to share the information of one app with other. It provides very quick access to apps to apps sharing and let you turn on/off this sharing with just one swipe and keep your privacy secure.

Access to Offline Reading List:

Sometime it is not okay with you to be online all the time. If you found a link and you have no data connection, then the access to Offline Reading List may help you.

Launch your apps with Siri:

A great option of Siri allows you to launch your application with your voice. If you want to launch the Angry Bird, juts tap and hold Home Screen and say, “Angry Bird” and here it is launched.

iOS also allow you to share photo stream directly with camera app by selecting ON in setting. With these tips and trick, you may enhance the functionality of iOS 7. These tips allow you to operate well with device.