When every mobile company is coming up with 5 inch screen and full HD display how can one expect India own brand a sister concern of Lava India pvt limited to remain aloof to the new trend.

Hence taking queue with the world other leading mobile manufacturer lXolo has also launched its own full HD screen smart phone code named Xolo Q3000 internal brand that sell screen with such display usually sell their handset around 35K in Indian market. So what is new in the new smart phone? Let’s find out in detail.

Build and Design

A nicely build phone if you go by the build quality it has got to be 5 star rating the pack front side is unadorned like rest other smart phone pack but the back of Q3000 has a list of features and highlights.

The first look of the smart phone and you might feels like it as an HTC or Samsung smart phone there is a rubberized plastic finish of the rear cover and the plastic assembly around the camera lens and ports look a bit cheap but the build is definitely top class the buttons on the phone are all sturdy.

Below the back cover of the phone is a nice space to fit a battery of 4000mAH in addition there is a slot for two sim card and a micro SD card, the primary SIM card slot takes only the older mini-SIM size but the secondary slot needs a micro-SIM.

OS, Hardware and Features

The phone runs on Android version 4.2.1 jelly bean and is powered by Quad-core 1.5 GHz Turbo Processor to aid multitasking there is a 2GB ram the internal memory of the phone is whooping 16GB which again can be extended up to 32 GB by use of Sd card.

The phone 5.7 inch screen support Full HD, 1920 x 1080 Pixels resolution and has got a great viewing angle thanks to the full HD resolution which means that every little detail is crisp and clear. Color production is great but a little muted. The phone speaker produced a soothing sound and is great to hear music.

Camera and Battery

The rear of the phone is equipped with a great 13 MP camera but there is nothing great to write about it in fact the MP does not do justice to the photography the photo clicked at best can be described as an average photo though there’s enough headroom to scale them down, which definitely improves their sharpness. There’s an HDR mode which works quite well there is also a front facing camera which is quiet handy when it come to video chat

The phone is equipped with a 4000mAh battery but owing to it size and a full HD display the smart phone hardly last a day in single charge even with not so heavy uses.

Good: Full HD display, good viewing angle, nicely priced, nicely build

Bad : cannot handle HD content, bad battery life, average camera